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  • Eloise

Dancer for 'Obert en Canal', Esparreguera

Updated: Feb 12, 2021


This mural was produced for Obert en Canal, an association of creatives in the Montserrat area of Catalonia, with funding from the local government and paints sponsored by Montana Colours.

The mural was commissioned as part of a series of cultural events for 'Día D' in Esparreguera. The town is right next to Montserrat, a multi-peaked mountain range. The building I was to paint on was an old textile factory, in which many women worked historically. I chose as my subject matter a celebration of femininity and of connection to nature.

The wall is in a narrow street that many people walk down to enter the centre of the town. Therefore, I was drawn to painting an image that repeated, that people would feel the movement of as they walk past it. I have even had people from the town sending me videos of them dancing along with the mural, which makes me very happy.

Below you can see my initial design and shots of the process during the first two days painting:

Majka Tkacikova took these photos of me painting on the final day:



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