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'Brothers by the Sea' for WallLab, Wallspot Barcelona

Updated: Feb 12, 2021


I was selected, along with three other artists, Lucas Amaral, Maru Hrz and Zaick to paint an 8x3m wall in the district of Sant Andreu In Barcelona.

With this opportunity to paint a larger wall in Barcelona, the city I have lived in for the past four years, I reflected on what this city means to me. For me, and many others, the sea is a key element of this place. In the busy rush of city life, surrounded by buildings, it is possible to go down to the sea and see that expansive horizon and feel a sense of peace. Just being there at the water's edge with that wide view opens my perception and reminds me of the natural world I am somewhat cut off from here.

The wall is located on a street with fast traffic and I wanted to bring that sense of slowing down that being by the sea provides. I used images that I had taken on my analog camera of my brothers by the sea. The final composition has repetitions of the same figures, speaking to the calm transition of time as the figures move around in space, exploring the water's edge. In this space there is no rush, there is no to-do list, there is just connection with the present moment and the natural world.

My hope is that as people who pass by stop to look at the mural, they experience a similar moment of pause, of appreciation of the wonders of the world, such as water and the sea.

Another article about the mural commission can be seen here. In this video below I talk about my work (in Spanish) at 2.22 mins.


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